Vardenafil Side Effects – It’s Good to be Informed

Some drugs can easily be purchased over-the-counter, whereas some drugs require you to show a prescription before you can buy them.  The truth is, there is a good reason why these prescription drugs cannot be purchased without the necessary prescription given to you by a medical professional – it’s because these prescription drugs are very serious medications which means they need to be taken with utmost care and precautions else they will cause serious injury or even be fatal if they are taken by those who do not necessarily need the drug.  One very good example for this would be anti-hypertensive drugs.  These drugs are meant for individuals suffering from hypertension, but if they were to be taken by individuals who have normal blood pressure, it may result in hypotension or a severely low blood pressure, the like that can be fatal if no immediate medical intervention is given.

The truth is, this is also one of the reasons why erectile dysfunction (ED) drugs classified as PDE5 inhibitor drugs require a prescription when purchasing them because they may yield certain side effects or even be fatal to some if they use the drug without taking into consideration the other drugs they normally take for their other health conditions.  One such type of drug are nitrate drugs and should never be taken when taking PDE5 inhibitor drugs.

Of all the ED drugs that are currently available in the market, vardenafil is strongly considered to be the safest.  Then again, this does not mean that there are no vardenafil side effects.  Keep in mind that vardenafil side effects when encountered are similar to the side-effects you will normally find with PDE5 inhibitor treatment drugs.  This is because all ED drugs categorized as such have the same mechanism of action which is why they carry similar side effects.   But due to the difference in ingredients used to achieve such action, vardenafil side effects in turn are few and much lesser in severity when compared with other ED drugs.

Some of the more common vardenafil side effects would include headaches and facial flushing.  Uncommon vardenafil side effects would include nausea, indigestion, and vertigo.  Although these are the more notable vardenafil side effects noticeable, some of the rarer vardenafil side effects that may be remote are change in visual perception or altered vision, vision loss, hearing loss, palpitation, or fainting.  Other serious vardenafil side effects which are also common with other ED drugs, is priapism, a condition wherein the erection of the penis does not go away.  This can be very painful and normally requires medical intervention to prevent serious or permanent damage towards the penis.

Since many of the vardenafil side effects are very easy to identify, once you experience such vardenafil side effects, it is important for you to classify if the vardenafil side effects that you are experiencing is serious or not, and whether the side effects that you are encountering require any immediate medical intervention or not.  If so, it is necessary that you seek immediate medical attention.

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