Vardenafil Hcl – How Long Does It Last?

ED pills are a very common option today for treating erectile dysfunction among men. In fact, an increasing number of males aging 18 years old and above may experience ED at any point of their lives, and the only effective solution for erection problems are ED pills you can find in the market. Indeed if you are unfortunate enough to have suffered this common sexual disorder in men then there should be no room for worries anymore since you can choose an ED pill to treat your condition. There are numerous brands available in your favorite pharmacies worldwide today, and among the most trusted is vardenafil hcl. The reason why a lot of men find vardenafil hcl a great solution for their erection problems is that vardenafil hcl works faster and lasts up to a few hours. Although vardenafil hcl cannot beat tadalafil having the longest effects to last, vardenafil hcl has lower side effects as compared to drugs with longer half-life. This means that drugs with shorter half-life such as vardenafil hcl can be beneficial to you since the drug can easily be washed away from your system thus lowering your risk of experiencing the possible side effects.

Aside from the effects a lot of men are so concerned about how long does a particular ED pill would last. If you choose vardenafil hcl for ED treatment, you can expect the drug to last for up to 4 hours, just enough to give you that satisfaction in bed when you need it. Thus, before you take vardenafil hcl you should have planned the sexual intimacy with your partner. Take vardenafil hcl about 15 to 30 minutes before the planned love making so that you can experience optimum results. Also remember that in order for vardenafil hcl to work you have to be sexually stimulated first. The excitement allows your bod to release nitric oxide important for the expansion and contraction of the blood vessels where your blood can pass. The medicine vardenafil hcl will be able to help you by inhibiting certain enzymes from metabolizing the nitric oxide, thus keeping those chemicals stay longer in your system while you are enjoying a romantic moment with your partner. However, vardenafil hcl will not be able to help you without being sexually stimulated. The drug also does not protect you from any forms of sexually transmitted diseases or infections, so it should be the responsibility of both of you and your partner to practice safe sex.

Although the effects of vardenafil hcl can only last up to 4 hours technically, you may still experience the effects in a day or two, depending on how your body responds with the treatment. You may take vardenafil hcl once a day only, starting at the lowest dosage to test body tolerance. Later you may switch to a higher dosage gradually until you get the desired results. If you are not sure which particular vardenafil hcl dose will work best for you, we recommend to consult your health care provider.

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