Tips for Stopping Hair Loss

Hair loss can always be a problem since many of us use our hair for aesthetic purposes.  This is basically because the easiest way to change how we look is to change the style of our hair.  Sadly, there are people who are burdened with loss of hair.  Men are particularly more prone to hair loss than women due to a condition called androgenic alopecia.  This condition is exhibited by a hair loss pattern which normally starts with the receding of hairline and balding at the top of the head which then further progress to complete baldness.  Androgenic alopecia is hereditary in nature which means if any immediate male relative suffer from it, there is a possibility that you may inherit the trait as well.

For many centuries, people have tried to fight such condition through natural and chemical means.  While some methods or medications are effective for others, it does not necessarily mean they will be effective for all.  There are actually an abundance of tips in resolving hair loss, particularly for men who are suffering from androgenic alopecia.  The tips below are just some of the more effective methods I have encountered.

1. Avoid foods that can aggravates loss of hair

There are actually some foods that not only impede hair growth, but they also aggravate hair loss condition.  Since male pattern baldness occurs due to the excessive presence of dihydrotestosterone in the scalp and that this hormone is produced as testosterone gets converted to it by 5α reductase, then it may be good to avoid food that increases your testosterone levels.  While it is true that an elevation in testosterone levels will allow you to grow more hair on some parts, but if you have the genetic coding of androgenic alopecia, then it is likely your loss of hair may be accelerated.

2. Use Topical Treatments

The use of essential oils and some scalp massage can help in promoting good blood circulation within the scalp.  This method also helps in keeping the hair follicles quite active.  This method can be done daily for several minutes, after which should be washed off with shampoo and rinsed to avoid any oils clogging the pores.  The point in this is to simply restore moisture.

3. Use Propecia Generic

If your loss of hair is at a much worse state, then you may opt to use propecia generic.  This propecia generic is the only approved medication by the FDA of America for the treatment of androgenic alopecia.  Propecia generic is very effect in treating male pattern baldness because it does not treat the condition on the outside or superficial side, but it treats it at the hormonal level.  This makes propecia generic truly effective.  Additionally, propecia generic does not just stop you from losing your hair, but continuous use will also promote hair growth because the propecia generic treatment allows the thinned out hair follicles to recover from what dihydrotestosterone has done to them.  Whether your hair loss condition is at its early stages or in the more latter stages, propecia generic will stop its progression.

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