The Truth behind the Myths about Aging

No one can argue that to live a long life means that you have to spend some part of it as an elderly person.  One simply cannot live long without growing old as this is simply a part of life.  The problem with aging though is that it brings with it certain conditions and diseases that are sometimes unavoidable.  While many of these age-related issues are scientifically proven, some of them are myths that have stayed with us for so long simply because they sound very logical and reasonable.

Myth – Old people become demented

Fact – while the myth probably talks about Alzheimer’s disease, the condition at hand does not occur in every elderly people.  In fact, very few elderly succumb to this disease.  Being forgetful is a part of growing old because synapses in the brain have slowed down, but it does not mean you can assume a forgetful elderly to be suffering from Alzheimer’s disease.  On a study conducted to find the relation between the elderly and Alzheimer’s, it has been found that there are different factors involved for a person to be consumed by dementia.

Myth – No sex life for the elderly

Fact – if the time was prior to erectile dysfunction treatment drugs, then the myth is highly plausible.  However, with the advent of these drugs that treats erectile dysfunction, even the elderly have the capacity to participate in sexual activity with their partners.  The only reason why elderly couples do not have sex is if the activity does not allow any one of them healthwise.  However, if the couples are both healthy, sex can be as frequent as once a week to as rare as once a month.

Myth – Old people are depressed

Fact – possibly the only reasons why an old person will become depressed in life will be if they were not able to fulfill their dreams, were not able to provide enough for their family, does not have a family, have many regrets in life, or their family has left them all alone without any love and concern.  Other than that, there are hardly any reasons for an elderly to become depressed.  In fact, if you have lived a fruitful life or have made peace and accepted your mistakes and shortcomings, it is likely that a person will no longer feel depressed.  Should depression persist, there are always antidepressants that they can take.

Myth – Women do not want to grow old

Fact – maybe they attribute this myth or reasoning for women who make a living out of their good looks, good-looking bodies, and overall charm that comes with their youth.  Such women would likely be celebrities, actresses, models, and showbiz personalities.  Many of these women take pride in their good looks so it would be no wonder why they do not want to grow old.  But for the average woman, they actually in fact are looking to grow old with ones they love.  There are even others who consider aging as part of an adventure.  While there are a few who are afraid to grow old because they are easily replaceable by much younger and able ladies, most normal women are not afraid to grow old.  They in fact even embrace the thought.

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