Tadalafil Citrate Usage Information

Impotence is a man’s inability to maintain good erection during sexual activities, leading to frustrations for both partners. There could be several causes as to why erection problems occur. Among the most popular root cause is the narrowing of the blood vessels which transport blood towards the penis.

Tadalafil citrate generally works by preventing the action of phosphodieterase type 5 enzymes in order to widen the blood vessels and enhance the blood flow toward the penis during sexual stimulations. Tadalafil citrate helps a man maintain normal erection.

Tadalafil citrate is only prescribed for men who have been diagnosed positive with erectile dysfunction or impotence. Other brands which also contain tadalafil citrate such as Adcirca intended for the treatment of pulmonary arterial hypertension. If you have not been approved by your doctor to use tadalafil citrate then you should avoid the medicine for your own safety.

Despite of the good benefits that tadalafil citrate can provide, the drug may not be suitable for everyone. Before you begin a treatment with tadalafil citrate it is extremely important that your health care provider knows if you have physical deformities of the penis, blood vessel or heart problems, eye or vision disorders, angina or low blood pressure, kidney or liver diseases, history of heart attack or stroke, cell disease, leukaemia, and allergies to any of the active ingredients of tadalafil citrate. You should also provide a complete list of supplements or medicines that you are currently taking to your doctor since some of them might have drug interactions with tadalafil citrate.

Prior of starting your medications, it is important to read the manufacturer’s leaflet about the drug that comes with your pack. This will give you information about what to expect during medications. Take tadalafil citrate only as recommended by your doctor. Do not take an excess dosage but only a dose suggested for you. Moreover, you cannot take tadalafil citrate on a continuous daily basis. Take the dosing 30 minutes before having sex. You may also have your pills with or without your food since it will not affect the pharmacological properties of the medicine.

When you take tadalafil citrate remember that it will not cause you erections without being sexually stimulated. Avoid alcohol during treatment since this might cause the drug not to work. Aside from alcohol, you should also avoid grape fruit juices or any products with grape fruits since this can increase the level of tadalafil citrate in your blood stream. You may talk to your doctor regarding the strength of the tadalafil citrate dosing. Depending on how your body would react to the drug, your dosage may be increased or decreased. Always remember the latest update of your prescription so that you can get the right dose of the drug and avoid other side effects. You cannot take tadalafil citrate together with other ED pills since this can magnify your risks of side effects.

If you have been suffering ED you may start discussing today with your doctor your options for treatment, including the usage of tadalafil citrate.


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