Know This Before Using Finasteride 1mg

 For some, male pattern baldness may not be as big issue as erectile dysfunction, but can be a depressing condition for men who are too conscious about losing their strands of hair especially at a young age. Yes you have heard it right; if you think that only the ladies are too conscious about hair fall, a lot of men also do. Unfortunately hair loss in men can be mostly attributed to hormonal imbalances which cannot just be solved with hair creams. Something must be made to fully recover the hair by dealing the hormonal issues deep inside. To stop hair loss, you might find finasteride 1mg medicine as a helpful tool to get back to your confidence level.

Baldness in men often occurs as soon as they reach an old age, beginning in the late 30s. The problem with this hair loss is that it does not happen overnight; the changes are gradual and may take years before you can truly recognize that you are suffering alopecia. However for those men who have this male pattern baldness problems run through their families, they might have it in their early twenties. For young men having baldness condition, this can be very embarrassing and may make them look old. As a result, a lot of young men with alopecia might suffer depression and low self-esteem. Alopecia generally attacks you by making your hair follicles shrink over the years until it can only grow thinner and smaller hair that could be hardly visible to the eye, making you look bald. The condition can be life changing especially if you think you don’t look good at being bald. Hair loss generally starts at the crown area until it forms a shape of a horse shoe.

A lot of men undergoing alopecia problems might opt for herbal treatments or hair creams with the hope of getting back their full head of hair. The bad news about this is that their investments are futile unless they really treat the root cause which is the hormonal imbalances. Perhaps you might have ideas already about what alopecia really looks like and how it occurs. Basically, all men have testosterone. At some point of their lives this manly hormones are converted into DHT by alpha reductase enzymes. However, an increasing level of DHT can harm the hair follicles, making them shrink as the years pass by. The shrinking of the hair follicles cannot make them capable of producing thick hair strands but only thin and small hairs. This in result will make you look bald, especially at the crown area. To really treat this condition, you need a reliable drug that will really solve the issue deep inside, and so far only finasteride 1mg can do this job for you.

So if you think you are positive with alopecia and you badly needed you hair back, why not try taking finasteride 1mg. Of course there could be possible side effects but this might vary from person to person. We suggest to seek a medical advice from your doctor to ensure that you are safe in taking finasteride 1mg for treatment.


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