Is Finasteride the Answer to Your Hair Loss Problems?

There are some wacky jokes being made about some men having hair loss problems such as “Men don’t cry (when they have hair loss), they weep!”  Putting the humor aside, for a lot of men afflicted with hair loss, this is no laughing matter.  While hair loss is actually not detrimental for one’s health, it can have a devastating effect on one’s confidence, most especially when it comes to the social aspect.

In the past, the only options you can avail when you are afflicted with hair fall include using wigs and hairpieces, or if you are up to it, surgery such as hair transplants or scalp reduction.  However, thanks to the advancements in science and technology, and the never-ending research being done about hair and how the stages of hair loss occurs in androgenetic alopecia (male pattern baldness), two medications that have been proven to work safely and effectively, namely minoxidil and finasteride generic, have been developed.

While hair fall can influence some or many of the things you do every day, never let it ruin your life as there is hope especially if your doctor prescribes you to use finasteride.  Before you go ahead and take finasteride generic for your hair loss, you must know two important things about it.  First, finasteride generic is only used for the treatment of male pattern baldness at the vertex (crown, top) and in the middle of the scalp.  Second, finasteride generic is strictly for men only, which means that women and children are not allowed to take it.  Furthermore, if the medication is broken or crushed, it must never be handled by a pregnant or soon-to-be pregnant woman as it may cause abnormalities in a developing fetus.

This particular hair-loss medicine works by reducing the amount of the naturally-occurring androgen hormone called dihydrotestosterone (DHT).  By reducing the amount of DHT, it will lead to favorably increased hair re-growth and slower progression of hair loss.  Take note that hair growth occurring on other body parts is not affected by finasteride generic treatment.

In the past, finasteride generic was originally used for shrinking the size of an enlarged prostate caused by benign prostatic hypertrophy (BPH) in adult men.  Keep in mind that finasteride is not approved for the prostate cancer prevention.  In fact, it may even slightly increase your risk of developing a very serious type of prostate cancer.  Discuss with your physician about the risks and benefits that finasteride generic can do for your case.

Finasteride is a medicine that can be taken orally, typically once a day with or without food.  To benefit from this treatment, you must take it every day for a duration of 6 to 12 months, and you should only begin to notice desirable results starting from the 6th month of usage.  Of course, always let your doctor know in case your hair loss condition persists or gets worse while under a finasteride generic treatment course.  They can advise you to continue, stop or change the dosage of finasteride generic, so it is best that your doctor knows what and how you are doing with the treatment.  Also, your doctor may inform you ahead of time that even if you undergo treatment with finasteride, it may or may not be the answer to your balding problem, as it entirely depends on individual results, which is why you must always let your doctor know how you are doing with the treatment in case you are on it.

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