How to Avoid Embarrassing Public Erections

As a young man, it is highly likely that you will experience an embarrassing public erection at least once in your life, unless of course you have managed to craftily conceal it.  Erections are normal occasions in a young man’s life and that their frequency during youth is usually mostly uncontrollable.  Just the sight of your female crush (or any beautiful girl for that matter) wearing something sexually enticing can give any boy in his puberty a hard on.  Although this can be somewhat annoying, especially in public, at least it is a positive proof enough of your sexual preference.

What is an erection?

The swelling or hardening of the penis from its limp state to its hardened state is what you call an erection.  An erection is necessary when a man needs to partake in sexual intercourse.  In this case, stiffness is very much necessary in order to promote vaginal penetration.  If the penis is only half hard, most likely, vaginal penetration will not be met.

The length of each erection differs according to the physical and mental state of the male.  If he is physically or mentally drained, then his erection will not last very long.  In addition, if a man is not in the mood, he may get an erection, but this erection will quickly turn flaccid.  There are cases where a man loses erection during actual sexual intercourse due to long foreplays.  This is not an indicator that a man has lost sexual interest, it’s just that his erection has reached a moment where it needs to release the blood from chambers inside the penis.

What causes an erection?

An erection occurs through sexual stimulation.  This can be visually, mentally, or by touch.  When the penis becomes erect, it means that the chambers inside the penis have been filled with blood.

An erection transpires when the brain sends out a signal after it has been sexually stimulated.  This signal is sent towards the smooth muscles lining the two empty chambers inside the penis.  These two chambers are called corpus cavernosum.  Once the smooth muscles relax, blood can be pumped through the chambers creating an erection.  A valve situated near the base of the shaft helps to prevent the blood pumped inside these chambers from draining out.  The penis will become limp again when there is any loss in sexual stimulation or when a man has already reached climax and has ejaculated.

Avoiding public erections

There is no exact technique on how to avoid getting public erections, but more of a self-control technique.  If you are good in concealing your erections, then there is nothing to avoid, is there?  However, if you are like most teenagers who are not crafty in concealing erections, avoiding them will be the most winning scenario.  For example, if you get an erection looking at boob and bums, then do not look.  You are very much aware of what can give you an erection.  Since you are aware of this, then don’t by any chance even sneak a peek, or worst, imagining what you saw or what you think you saw.  Avoidance is the key in avoiding public erections.

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