Generic Levitra – The Best ED Medication There Is

There have always been many arguments on which the best erectile dysfunction (ED) treatment medication there is.  However, there is always one name that stands out – generic levitra.  Yes, generic levitra is actually the most effective ED medication there is as it has a higher effectiveness rating than the name that brought ED medications to light, Viagra.  Men with ED should all give their respects to Viagra because it is the drug that pioneered this entire ED treatment thing.  Then again, this does not mean you are compelled to use Viagra as your ED treatment.

In terms of effectiveness, generic levitra has a rating of 86%, whereas Viagra has only 84%.  This two percent difference may not seem much, but if you were to consider yourself belong to the two percent, wouldn’t that be dreadful that you cannot use your manhood just because you belong to the two percent.  For this reason alone, many men with ED are switching to generic levitra because they claim they are more confident with the erection that generic levitra gives them.

The thing is, in terms of advantages, generic levitra topples Viagra and all other ED medications, therefore making the claim as the best ED medication for real.  One of the highly sought after advantage that generic levitra has over other ED drugs is that it is very safe to use that even men with diabetes and hypertension can safely use it, provided of course certain conditions or precautions are met.  One thing that makes generic levitra very safe to use is that it is the only ED drug wherein you are less likely to experience any side effects.  Let’s be clear, with vardenafil you may still experience side effects, but are less likely to.  All ED drugs share the same inherent side effects, but due to the difference in active ingredients used, some of the side effects are less likely to be experienced with some, in this case, generic levitra.

Keep in mind that ED drugs are prescription medications and should never be taken more than once per day.  Due to this limitation, the effective duration of the drug becomes somewhat important for some because they are not limited to just one or two sessions of lovemaking.  The effective duration of Viagra is only 4 hours, something which may be enough for some.  For couples who are sexually active or are very much into making love with each other, being limited to the four hours each day may not be enough for them.  Fortunately, generic levitra offers 8 hours of effective duration, a length which may suit many and are not compelled to put everything into the tight 4-hour timeline.

Aside from its longer effective duration, generic levitra has another thing that leaves its competition in envy – its short onset of action.  For most ED drugs, you will need at least an hour before the drug takes its effect.  This is why most ED drugs are instructed to be taken an hour prior to sexual intercourse. For generic levitra however, it is different.  All you need is 20 minutes for the drug to take its full effect.  This is particularly useful for those unscheduled intimate lovemaking.

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