Dry and Damaged Hair – Tips on How to Repair Them

Our hair is a very important part of us because whether you like it or not, it is one of our features that you can easily change to give us a new look.  While some bald men will show preference over their hairless top, oftentimes though, they are just in denial.

If you have hair, you can choose to go bald or amongst the different styles and color fashion has to offer these days.  However sometimes, due to the methods and chemicals you put on your hair, your hair becomes dry and damaged.  Aside from this, exposure to sunlight and pollution along with the assortment of hair styling equipment and tools that uses heat and chemicals also makes our hair dry and thus gets easily damaged.

To remedy and correct your hair’s current condition, you not only need to stop putting unnecessary chemicals on your hair, but you also need apply these neat tricks that can improve the overall condition of your dry and damaged hair.

Shampoo Method – many of us are aware that our hair has natural oils.  However, these natural oils get washed away by frequent shampooing.  To accomplish this method, you either need to shampoo less frequently, say up to three times only per week.  Doing this will allow natural oils to heal your dry and damaged hair.  Another method would be to apply hair conditioner first before shampooing.  This way, all the natural oils and moisture of the hair are trapped within the conditioner and cannot be easily washed off by the shampoo.

Protein Treatment Method – the use of protein treatments can help greatly in nourishing your hair.  In fact, these protein treatments are basically heaven sent for dry and damaged hair.  This is because contained in these concoctions are molecular protein elements that bonds into the cuticles of the hair and filling up every gap.  What this does is that it removes the cracks caused by dry hair.  When buying protein treatment though, it is important to know that some mix are more potent than other mix.  Try to get one that suits your needs and hair condition.

Haircut Method – the most damaged part of the hair is usually on the tips.  By having frequent haircuts and having the tips of your hair removed, you are basically removing the damaged hairs that are prone to split ends.  Frequent trimming will leave your hair much healthier and less damaged.  Frequent haircut is basically having a haircut every three to four weeks and not the usual every three to four months.

Mayonnaise Method – to fully rejuvenate your hair, apply a helping of mayonnaise on your hair.  Spread the mayonnaise evenly and massage your scalp with it as if shampooing.  Remove any dripping mayonnaise from the hair and cover then your hair with cling wrap.  Leave the cling wrap on for up to three hours or you can leave it overnight if you prefer.  After letting it set, rinse the mayonnaise thoroughly and then shampoo your hair.  After drying your hair, what you will see in the mirror will be a well-nourished healthy hair.

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