Diseases Commonly Associated with Aging

Aging is not in itself a disease, but there are many diseases that are commonly found among the elderly.  Aging can be more considered as a health condition and a unique one at that.  This is because aging is something that all of us will experience, provided of course we reach the point of becoming elderly.  The problem with people and aging though is that not many people are keen into becoming an elderly, possibly because they are aware of how many diseases are out there that are common to aging.  Then again, there are also those who have a much wider perspective and respect in life because they welcome aging as a part of life and living long, and simply consider what it has to offer as a challenge and as an adventure.

If you are considering yourself to live long, you should be thankful to technology because much technological advancement both in the field of medicine and pharmaceutics has now made living longer possible.  If you were to compare the life expectance of the people of today compared with the life expectancy of the people from the 19th century, we are practically living 30 years longer than them, with most of which is all due to technology.  The innovation brought by technology has yielded many breakthroughs and discoveries that not just make some fatal diseases a thing of the past, but other deadly diseases can now be cured as long as they have been caught on early.

Sadly, despite the prowess of our modern day medicine and pharmaceutics, many diseases common to the elderly have yet to be made curable.  While some conditions are already evident in early adult life, many of the diseases below are commonly found among the elderly.

Alzheimer’s Disease – this is considered to be another form of dementia where the patient regresses back into acting like a child.  The disease literally destroys many of the cognitive function of the brain to the point that reasoning is no longer existent.  This disease is characterized by weird behaviors and losses in memory and logic.  The disease has no cure but it can be suppressed by powerful medications.

Arthritis – also called as osteoarthritis, this condition involves the rubbing of bones together due to the loss of cartilage brought about by decades of wear and tear.  The rubbing of bones creates a friction which results in massive amounts of pain that leads to swelling of the area involved.  Powerful pain medications are necessary to temporary relieve the person from the pain suffered from this condition.

Diabetes – this involves the elevation of sugar in the blood due to the body’s inability to use sugar.  This disease can create cardiovascular complications, eye complications, kidney and liver complications, destruction of blood vessels, and many more.

Osteoporosis – lack of calcium in the blood will result in calcium cannibalism wherein the body tries to get its source of calcium from the bones.  Since the bones and teeth amass nearly 99% of the calcium in the body, when the body becomes deficient of calcium, it looks for another source of calcium – in this case, the bones of the body.  Osteoporosis can lead to spongy brittle bones that are prone to cracking.  This means a patient with this disease can literally become disabled by means of only a simple fall.

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