Chewable ED Medications (Tadalafil) are Fast-Acting

If you develop erectile dysfunction (ED), you know just how difficult it is losing your ability to produce an erection.  Basically, when you have ED, your sex life has just crumbled down for without an erection, vaginal penetration is not possible.  Fortunately for men, there are now effective ED medications like tadalafil that can help you achieve an erection for use in sexual intercourse.  By using these ED medications, the ingredients within them will allow effective blood flow into your penis so that you can get an erection when you get sexually stimulated.

The problem with most ED treatment pills is that you need to take them with water and at least an hour prior to sexual intercourse.  If you have a scheduled sexual activity, this is actually not a problem.  The problem though is when you have an unscheduled one wherein the sexual urges between you and your partner just suddenly ignites.

In case you are not aware, this issue has already been solved as tadalafil has reinvented itself by releasing a new form of tadalafil that comes in soft chewable pills.  These chewable ED medications can be taken without have to take water. Since they are chewable ED medications, all you need is take them and chew the drug for you to be able to ingest the medication.

Another issue that has been solved is the 1 hour it usually takes before the original tadalafil will take its full effect.  When you take the new tadalafil chewable ED medications, all you now need to wait is 20 minutes before the drug take its full effect on you.  This means that the onset of action is significantly decreased allowing you to have unscheduled sexual intercourses.  You can simply use the 20 minutes for long passionate foreplays.

Using the original tadalafil, the usual 1 hour you need to wait may actually make that intense sudden urge to have sex die down while waiting for the drug to take effect.  The 20 minutes waiting time now using chewable ED medications has become a blessing as not only is it fast-acting, but you can also take it without the need to follow it up with water.

The best thing about these chewable ED medications is that they still retain the same overall effect of tadalafil.  Normally, you will still prefer to use tadalafil due to its 36 hours of effective duration.  But since the new tadalafil chewable ED medications also possesses the very same effective duration that you love about tadalafil, then you may as well switch to using chewable ED medications as it has further better advantage than the original drug.  This is why these days, you will find more and more people favoring the use of the new tadalafil  chewable ED medications is it definitely does have its advantages.  If you want to use these chewable ED medications, you can buy them at your favorite local pharmacy or you can buy them online.  Then again, you will have better luck finding these chewable ED medications online.

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