Buy Tamoxifen – For Prevention and Treatment of Breast Cancer

Tamoxifen is the generic version of the drug, Nolvadex, a drug that is very useful when it comes to treating or preventing the development of breast cancer.  Tamoxifen is actually a nonsteroidal drug which has very strong anti-estrogenic properties.  This means that when you buy tamoxifen and take it, its effect is to compete against estrogen that targets breast tissues.  This is actually the very reason why women buy tamoxifen as it is very effective in fighting and preventing cancer of the breast as this form of cancer is very unique as that its target is very particular.  Doctors actually prescribe their female patients to buy tamoxifen if they are considered to be high risk in developing cancer of the breast.

There are actually men who buy tamoxifen for use in other purposes other than cancer of the breast.  They buy tamoxifen to help them with their body building due to the drug’s post anabolic steroid cycle properties.  Aside from this, men do not usually buy tamoxifen as breast cancer is actually very rare to occur in men.  It does occur, but very rarely.  Additionally, the anti-estrogenic effect that tamoxifen has will not have much of an effect on men as estrogen is primarily a female sex hormone.

When you have been prescribed to buy tamoxifen, you are usually led to believe that this drug is purely anti-estrogenic.  However, the thing is, when you buy tamoxifen and use it, the drug can be more likened to an estrogen antagonist.  What this means is that if you buy tamoxifen for treatment or prevention of breast cancer, the function of the drug is more like the inhibiting of estrogen activity.  What it does is that it attempts to compete against estrogen over receptor sites.  When it has bonded or occupied a particular receptor site, no estrogen hormone will be able to bind with receptor site for a period of time.

Normally, you cannot buy tamoxifen without a prescription.  A licensed physician specializing in breast cancer will usually be the one to prescribe you to buy tamoxifen when needed as a prescription is very much needed to purchase this drug.  However, even without any prescription, you can actually buy tamoxifen from online specialty shops that sell this drug.  This though does not mean that you can buy it immediately just like when you purchase ordinary goods or non-prescription drugs.  If you do not have a prescription, you will instead be requires to answer a series of questions that will inform the online merchants on why you need the drug and if it is indeed necessary to allow you to procure one.

If you have a prescription, then you would definitely want to buy tamoxifen online.  This is because if you buy tamoxifen online, you will be able to get a much better price per dose of tamoxifen you buy as online merchants are able to provide you with much lower prices than physical stores can attempt to offer.  Simply put, it is more economical to buy tamoxifen online as opposed to buying them from your local pharmacy or drugstore.

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