Avanafil – The Newer and Better ED Treatment Drug

There are times that newer is not always better, but in the case of avanafil, the newest erectile dysfunction (ED) treatment drug in the market, it is certainly better than those that went before it.  There are actually a lot of people who were both curious and skeptic on whether the need for a new ED drug is really there, but when avanafil was actually released in the market, those who had their doubts were simply dumbfounded when they learned how effective and safe the new ED drug avanafil was.  In fact, many who suffer from male impotence have switched medications and are now taking avanafil as their main and only ED treatment drug.

The Food and Drug Administration of America has given avanafil their seal of approval last April of 2012 as a drug that helps treat erectile dysfunction and belonging to the group of drugs called PDE5 inhibitors.  Even though avanafil may be a latecomer in the aspect of ED medications, the class with which drugs like Viagra, vardenafil, and tadalafil are flourishing, avanafil has simply proven itself a share of the market as it showed just how effective it is in treating the erectile problems of those who went to buy avanafil and have a test of the new drug.

PDE5 inhibitor drugs all have the same mechanism of action – the relaxing of the smooth muscle lining covering the cavities within the penis.  Once this smooth muscle relaxes, blood can be effectively pumped into the cavities in order to create an erection.  Each type of PDE5 inhibitor drug has this mechanism of action even though the active ingredients they use are different to achieve such.

If you have erectile dysfunction, you may consider yourself lucky that you live in an age where ED medications exist.  In the past, men who suffered from penile impotence had to rely on contraptions to give them the erection needed to please their partner.  Impotence is actually a ground for divorce as the partner needs to be sexually pleased when necessary.  The truth is the contraptions hardly make it pleasurable for the man, but as long as the partner is sexually pleased and satisfied, everything works out well.  Fortunately, the advent of ED medications no longer makes the pleasure of sex one sided.  Even if you have erectile dysfunction, you will be able to achieve the same pleasure similar to that when you had normal erectile functions.

The best medication for any erectile issues these days is avanafil.  If you buy avanafil, you will be treated with the latest medication that pharmaceutical technology has to offer.  Most people who buy avanafil are aware that this ED drug is the latest of all ED drugs.  It has undergone extensive research and development which is why when you buy avanafil for your erectile condition, you will find it to be very effective in treating your penile impotence.  The truth is that this is not the only reason why a lot of men buy avanafil.  One of the main reasons why men buy avanafil is because they are less likely to experience side effects from using avanafil than any other ED drug.  ED doctors actually prescribe their patients with erectile issues to buy avanafil because they know just how effective the drug is in treating erectile dysfunction.  This makes it without doubt that avanafil is the newer and better ED treatment drug.

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